Wheelie (Oh my Gawd)

(snip) from Ben on the XS list: Time for a wheelie thread. Should a properly running XS with a new tire but moderate engine wear pick up the front end?…..How many of you have seen wheelies on your XS? (endsnip)

I have an 81 Midnight Special . She has around 30K miles on her, and I am running Maxxis Kevlar tires (and Castroil 20w50–there, now it is a wheelie, tire, and oil thread).

I am 6′ and 300 pounds, and yes she will do a wheelie even with me on her.

Went like this:

Driving down the street . . . one of those surface streets, three lanes each direction. Almost get run over by some guy in a Jeep Cherokee as he changed rapidly/violently into my lane (I was in the right hand lane). Extreme braking (thanks to ChrisR’s stainless lines)lets me barely eeek in behind him. Guess he was not looking eh? Another car beside, and coming to a stop light, so I get stuck behind him for the light.

The light turns green, all other cars take off. The Cherokee just sits. I pull into the middle lane to go around and from a standing stop he guns it and changes into my lane again. All but got me. I do not think I have ever come closer.

Now, I don’t know that this asshole was trying to kill me or anything, but almost run over by the same guy twice inside of 30 seconds is not a good thing.

I figure I have had enough of this guy, need to let him go away. I stop in the street. There are no cars coming from behind.

Well, now the Cherokee stops. Uh Oh . . .

Then his reverse lights come on. Um . . . Urrk . . .

As he starts to back up I gun it and change back into the right lane. Cleared him by at least 4 inches. That XS will lay a hell of a scratch, and boy will it move! I get around him, and take off down the road. 45 zone. I figure 80 will ditch the jeep.

Now approaching another light. Only one car in the left lane. Slowing down for the red light, and I glance in the mirrors. Here comes the jeep, and fast.

Now I have had enough. I left my grenade launcher at home so I figure I am going to “BUG” out. “BUG” is a Tkat unit of measurement that is defined as the speed at which bugs will begin to stick/splat to you instead of bouncing off. I believe it is generally accepted to be 50MPH.

I figure “BUG3” ought to do it.

Look ahead to see what my options are, and the light changes to green. I have free lanes and I KNOW the XS will do 135 (see the SPI BikeFest Ride Report)

I think I was still doing about 30 or so. Dumped it down a couple of gears (to second)and gave it full throttle. I have never been able to use full throttle before.

The sound barrier and the light-speed barrier were immediately shattered (well . . . seemed that way to me anyway).

The front wheel started to come up . . . I have never done that before, but it felt stable so I covered the back brake and said “what the hell”.

I rode it for a few seconds, and shifted up once. She was still pulling and still up. When I shifted again the front started to drop. I remember glancing at the speedo and thinking “sure feels like I am going a lot faster than 50”. Took a microsecond or so to remember that the speedo reads the front wheel, and the front wheel was off the ground. Adrenaline. Sheesh.

Shifted into fifth and the wheel dropped back to the ground. For the first time I ran her over the red-line. When I let off the speed was 140.

Wow. “Bug2.8”. Not bad.

I never saw the jeep again.

Man can that bike move. She ROCKS. I think it took longer to get slowed down then it did to get going that fast.

My thoughts immediately afterward:

“That was really, really cool . . . and I am never doing that, ever again.”

Where the hell is a rocket launcher when you really need one?

Daniel Meyer

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