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Some may note that this is not a travelogue. When I set out to write about my experiences on motorcycles, I was determined to NOT write the destination oriented narratives so often found in the genre. Basically, many books and articles talk so much about the destinations and routes, that the method of transportation is pretty much irrelevant.

I know deep in my heart that life is a road, and how we travel that road is at least as important as where the road happens to lead us. I wanted my stories to be about riding…about the journey…about the thoughts, experiences, people, souls, and magic encountered along the way. Stories about “why”, not about “where”. Mostly…I think…I have succeeded, but trying to answer the deceptively simple question of “why” is much more difficult than I could have imagined.

Why do I go? Why do I ride? Surely I know…after all I do it…but telling others why required asking myself the question first. I rapidly discovered that I had no easy answer. The question itself demanded deep introspection, total honesty with myself (a difficult thing to achieve), and a lot of soul-searching. For me, all this is best achieved by riding and relating my experiences in the light that I see them. Maybe that, in itself, is why. Maybe not.

Why? I guess after 25 years of riding I still don’t know. But maybe the answer is in my writings somewhere. Maybe not. If you find it, let me know. At the least, enjoy the stories. At the best, go make your own.

Either way…I’ll see you on the road.

West to Alaska

Damn...there sure is a whole lot of west out here....

Daniel Meyer

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