Passion in the Night

It’s late, but still sleep eludes me. The emotions of the last few days, along with the events on the ride are swirling around in my head. Lying in my tent, head propped up on my pack and staring out through the screens, I breathe in the cool fresh air and reflect on the journey to come…and on the people I’ve left behind.

Idly I wonder if the young couple in the tent across the path is aware that the flashlight they left on is projecting every amorous move they make in larger-than-life silhouette on the walls of their tent. A risqué show for all us creatures of the night to savor.

They’ve been at it a while and the tempo is building. She is enthusiastically on top and her shapely writhing shadow stirs primal feelings deep within me. I expect that they actually desire privacy, as they are working at being quiet. I wonder if it would be right let them know they are more…public…than they realize.

In the end I do not disturb them. Love, passion, baser desires…those are a big part of what makes us human. I’ve never seen a reason to fear, condemn, regulate, and hide what is for us such a fundamental act.

Love, passion, experience. We are never more alive. Those are, after all, what life is all about. Those are ALL that life is about.

She moans gently and rolls off her lover, smothering the light.

I roll over and stare into the infinity of the stars. For me…for tonight…the stars will have to do. They are nearly as beautiful, and almost as powerful.

For me…the stars…



Daniel Meyer

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