The Flower Falls

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My Mom is in ICU and critical. Her heart is failing, yet they are hoping she’ll recover enough to survive surgery.

The Flower Falls

When it breaks, I fix it
When it falls, I pick it up
When it threatens, I subdue it
When it persists, I kill it

That is my creed, my mantra, my doctrine
Not really a choice, parts of me just are

I am a mover. A doer. A builder. A fixer.
There is little beyond my reach

Yet there are things outside my domain
Things that threaten
Things that kill
Things I must rely on others to fight in my stead
And the stakes are unthinkably high

Waiting is not something I am accustomed to
It is not something I do well
Indeed, it is not something I do at all

The energy builds
The Dragon grumbles
The powers rise

And the flower falls…

Life’s short folks. Let’s ride.

Daniel Meyer

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