On Death and Dragons

Wednesday, January 28, 2005

I still stand in vigil. Mom is in ICU critical. Waiting is not something I do well.

Thats the problem, you see, with incarnations . . . if you are aware of them . . . then they are aware of you.

On Death and Dragons . . .

Death is incarnate.
The literal term.
Laugh if you’d like.
But, yeah, we’ve met.




This time I met her in the hall,
in this house of pain and healing.
And unlike previous encounters,
I knew her for what she was right away.

Her pale green eyes flashed in recognition.
My intense blue ones just smiled.
A remarkably casual encounter.
For mortal enemies, that is.
Oh yeah, we’ve met before.

For now, our war must wait.
An unspoken truce established.
A temporary necessity.
This building would not long survive,
should we continue our combat here.

She’s in no hurry anyway.
This battle takes a lifetime.
One way or another.
At least, when I’m not involved.

I should not fight her here anyway.
I’m not Naïve, and there is need, even for her.
I do see the bigger picture.
Particularly here.

In one room she is a mortal enemy.
A robber, a thief, to be fought at any price.

In another room, a friend, transition, and relief.
Gladly welcomed with open arms.

And in one place, a long time ago,
I’ve even seen her desperately begged for.
She was needed . . . then.

Who am I to choose their way?

But there is one here I stand for.
Her choice clearly expressed.
Not ready for that transition today.

I stand in the doorway .
A line in the sand.
The message clear in my flashing eyes.

A smile, and pale green eyes crinkle in acknowledgement.
But there is yet some challenge there.
The hunt continues.
She does not bow to another’s will, mortal or otherwise.

But then again, neither do I.

I fold my arms and lean against the door-frame.
A guard at his post.
A warrior at the ready.
Poised, keenly attuned destruction

My eyes are closed.
A different kind of perception.
The energy flows.
The power builds.
The will congealed.
The product . . . set free.

The purpose met.

I open my eyes and smile,
a dangerous smile.
Death can’t darken this door,
This dragon won’t sleep tonight.

Daniel Meyer

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