Friday, March 18, 2005

Well, it happened again.

Wednesday was my and the wife’s 14th anniversary. Wow. 14 years. Where does the time go?

Ups, downs, and a lot of “I just plain don’t know”, but lordy what a journey. Life should at least be interesting, no?

Anyway, we had some plans for the evening, but I elected to stop by our local “super grocery” to pick up some flowers . . . 14 roses to be exact.

As I went through the checkout the girl running the register looks at me and says, “Oooo. What beautiful flowers!”

Then she did it. “You must have done something really bad.”


“That’s a lot of flowers. What did you do? Cheat on her?”

I’m not sure why I bothered to answer, but I did. “They’re for our fourteenth anniversary. . . fourteen flowers, fourteen years. See?”

She looked impressed. “Wow. Fourteen years? You forgot, didn’t you? The flowers will probably fix it though.”

I paid and left. Hauling 14 roses on a motorcycle poses an interesting challenge and nets some interesting looks from the public, but that’s another story (and yes, I was successful delivering them, they did not end up as a batch of thorny sticks).

Anyway, I found the situation humorous, but on later reflection I have to wonder . . .

Do many/all/most women really expect the worst from their men?

The world tends to deliver what we expect of it ya know . . .

Daniel Meyer

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