Well, doesn’t this just suck? Gad! The short of it is, management is decimating the information technology ranks. We (the applications group) were initially told we were “not on the table”…truely, none of us are that naïve, but it was at least nice to believe we were wanted.

Today we’ve learned that what they’ve been telling us for more than 6 months is not true. Under the “out-tasking” and consolidation, our reporting and structure will be rearranged and they will post available corporate jobs and we can apply for any available.

The short of it is, they are making it very clear we are not valued for our specific skills or experience. Sad…considering this team has won awards for our innovation. We’ve built a kick-ass technology infrastructure here that is studied and emulated by other media companies all over the nation.

21 years here. I love the folks I work with. I like my job. They need me. They’re making money hand over fist. I’m very good at what I do. What the heck is the problem? The sad thing is, even though I’m not “at the top”…I can clearly see where they’re going…and they are damaging the company I’ve worked to help build. By the time they realize it….the experience they need to actually accomplish this very fast-paced and intricate job…will be long gone.

Faced with the destruction of what I’ve spent a substantial portion of my life helping to build…as well as facing the loss of my career here and the inevitable turmoil of any transition…I’m not even sure how I’m supposed to feel. Angry? Scared? Resigned? Pissed?

Should I care about the projects I’m currently working on or wait till I know more? Essentially…do I give a cr@p? I’ve always put in my best efforts and I actually resent having been pushed to a point where I’m questioning whether I should even bother.

My major confliction is that I really don’t know what I’d like to do if/when I’m out of here. That particular uncertainty has never been a problem for me before and I don’t like this feeling.

What I’d love is to make my living writing, publishing, and selling my books and related stuff….but it’s just not there yet. There is not nearly enough income from those activities to support me.

Sigh. Got thinking to do. Lots of it. Oh…and if you have an interesting, fast-paced, self-supervised, daily changing, technology or writing related position…drop me a line please.

Daniel Meyer

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