I’ve been a bit restless lately…and haven’t really understood why. Normally, I fly from one project to another with childlike, enthusiastic glee.

Nowadays, with the turmoil at work, I’m not really sure anything I’m doing there matters at all. They’re going to tear it all out and “outtask” it, and nobody has clearly defined just what that means yet. Basically, the things I need to work on may not even exist by the end of the year. I find it frustrating and disturbing to pour effort and creativity into things that we may not keep/need/use.

Not to mention, if I’m one of the things that gets tossed out, that the long term technological status of the company becomes completely irrelevant to me.

But it’s not just that.

I’ve got scads of writing to do. Literally dozens of chapters for a new Life Is a Road book are roughed in and are in need of fleshing out. Storm Rider is haunting me too…simply begging to be written/completed.

I’ve also got drawing to do for Steel Horses, several guest comics/fan art I want to tinker on, and an art class starting next week.

Hmmm….I should probably be looking for a job too.

And, oh yeah, I’ve got a box of parts in the garage for The Dragon. 85,000 miles can add up to some wear and tear, and I always keep her (mechanically) in tip-top condition.

The personal projects are more important to me than work at the moment, but I’m not really getting much done and I’m not sure why not.

Depressed? Nah. I don’t tend to get depressed. I’ve got my demons to battle just like everybody else, and there are moments when they seem to get the upper hand, but that battle is never one I’ve shied away from.

Maybe it’s a lack of sleep. I never seem to have time to get enough. I’d work on that…but I’m working an extra day this weekend due to a system upgrade. Hmmm. Come to think of it, I worked an extra day last week too.

I think I need to spend more time on the personal stuff. Some days off would be good. Maybe a long ride followed by some time writing and drawing.

Oh, yeah…just a note…in my past this restlessness…this boredom…has always precipitated my making some sort of major change.

I need time to ponder.

Yep. I think a ride should do it.

Y’all (technical term) be safe…or at least fun.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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6 Responses to Bored….

  1. Me Patti says:

    Yep tomorrow would be a great day to take that ride … Rain is called for *grins*

    me Patti

    (ok … I dont want to start work yet .. so im replying to your blog with inane banter … sue me)

  2. Raine says:

    You’re taking an art class? What kind?

    I’m restless, too.

  3. Daniel Meyer says:

    I’m taking a pen and ink course. Want to learn some more perspective, inking techniques, and shading with solids. Starts a week from Monday.

    I really like this style:

    Another plus…is the structure of the class will help me get in the habit of spending the time drawing. I’ve let too many dreams/projects sit idle too long.


  4. Phil says:

    man do I know the feeling-

    the last 18 months, I’ve been on a project that operates 24/7/365. We run three shifts a day, and 12 hour shifts on the weekends.

    We have 4 people on the task. Perhaps you see where this is going.

    Yup– every 4-5 days, my sched completely stands on it’s head. ie: this week, I worked 0800-1600. Was off today [first day off in 15 days], and tomorrow I go in at 2300 hours and work from 0000-0800 Monday. Same through Friday, when I then work on Saturday from 0000-1200, and do the same Sunday. Then I’m supposed to work that Monday-Friday, 0800-1600 again.

    To say I am burned out, is an understatement.

    Haven’t had a vacation in over a year now, and had planned to take two weeks off this month. Then I found out in December that a friend is moving from CA to VA, and volunteered myself to help him move- so no vacation to speak of this year either.

    Couple it with my projects: 7X50′ concrete driveway, 300′ of French Drain for proper drainage in the yard, a 20X20 garage/workshop in the back yard, hardwood flooring, putting a door where a window is, painting the house in and out, solid axle swap on the Blazer, body repair and mechanical go-through on the Fiero, finish the Jeep Cherokee, lift the wife’s Grand Cherokee, and a few other things I’m forgetting.

    – and add to all of it, my recent familial addition: a 7 week old Australian Shepherd pup. Cute as a button, and probably smarter than her owner.

    Yeah, I obviously don’t have enough to do. I should get a hobby.

  5. Phil says:

    errm, bad form… sorry for the overly-long comparative. 😀

  6. Daniel Meyer says:

    (snip) from Phil
    errm, bad form… sorry for the overly-long comparative

    Not at all…that’s what blogging’s about–a chance to make people think, and opportunity to write…sometimes just a voice in the dark.

    Write on!


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