What a Commute!

Commuting on a Sunday? Well, yep. A major system upgrade has me in this morning at about 5:00am. I’m just here to help test…the guys and gals doing the upgrade have been here since 2:00am!

Anyway, Sunday morning at 5:00am is a heck of a commute! 20 miles of running on The Dragon and I only see about 5 moving cars. There were a couple left over crashed ones…but apparently this time is late enough so that the drunks have already crashed or made it  home (or to jail).

Out of the 5 moving cars I saw, 4 of them were police cars.

There’s just something decedent about having 10 lane freeways and 130 foot high, five-level spaghetti bridges all to my self!

Zoom, zoom!

Daniel Meyer

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