Oh Joy…

It’s that time again…
Simplified tax form (send it all)

A rational man would simply give up writing books about now. Royalties are delt with extremely unfairly at tax time…the short of it is…expenses can only be deducted against earnings and only in the year incurred/earned.

This means that if I spend money in 2004 researching and writing a book…and it didn’t publish until 2005, then I can’t deduct the expenses and end up paying full taxes on the earnings. Bummer. Oh, and it’s really not quite that simple…you can do what amounts to income averaging…but you MUST turn a profit inside three years or you are declared to have “no motive for profit” and can’t deduct ANY expenses (while paying full income taxes on the proceeds).

Ah, well. If I could just sell a couple million of the darn things I wouldn’t have to worry about it!

Daniel Meyer

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2 Responses to Oh Joy…

  1. WordFaery says:

    But we write for love, right?

  2. Black Ice says:

    A rational man would take a good look at the law and realize that there is NO LAW requiring us to pay income tax.

    A rational man would realize that taking money from people by force is, in fact, THEFT.

    A rational man would realize that our government considers themselves above the law, which is diametrically oppesed to what our Founders envisioned: “A government of Laws, not Men.”

    A rational man would be outraged at this.

    Thank heavens there are no rational people left in this country…including me. I send in my pound of flesh under the threat of having everything I own stolen from me, and I rant and bitch, and then I shake my head and go about my business.

    I hate Tax Season.

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