Terror In the Streets

I admit it, I’m annoyed. Last Wednesday some stupid kid went nuts on his crotch-rocket, leading police on a really long chase and reaching speeds of around 130mph.

So, a moron kid goes way too fast and does stupid things. He gets caught and arrested. Everything worked. Life is good, yes?

Ah, but wait! We have helecopter footage of the chase! My gawd! We must plaster this all over the news! For three days this was the headline.

This Friday the TV news actually lead with the story called “Terror In the Streets!” Gad! Sorry, but truly the only terrified person was the dumb kid on the bike.

Anyway, the story was clearly anti-motorcyclist, with calls to “do something” and to make reckless driving (car or bike) a felony with mandatory sentencing.

They didn’t talk to a responsible motorcyclist. They didn’t mention the 10’s of thousands of us that ride as safely as situations permit. They simply lumped us all together. One comment from the “random person to interview” was along the lines of “why are we allowed to have powerful bikes?”

The moron on the bike is a self correcting problem. He will either smarten up substantially, and soon, or he will die. Simple. AND, being that he’s on a motorcycle, he’s unlikely to take anybody else with him.

Half the motorists on the road don’t pay sufficient attention to what they are doing and so don’t see motorcyclists anyway. This story implied that’s my problem because of this kid’s antics, and that it’s okay.

About a quarter of motorists do see me but actively interfere…cutting me off, crowding my lanes, pulling out in front of me. Some look right at me and then push me out of my lane. I guess that’s okay too.

We already have the problems when a cage does hit a biker. Rarely is there any serious consequence for the cage driver, even when at fault. After all, we chose to ride, yes? This story was very much along those lines.

Sigh. Be careful out there folks…and pay attention to and fight bad legislation that impacts us. I’ve a feeling there’s a lot more coming up.

Daniel Meyer

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