Exciting Stuff!

I’ve spent the weekend so far in frantic editing mode. The short of it is I’ve finished the book block for the compilation edition of the first three Life Is a Road books.

Storm Rider Press small logo
(click for larger view)

Life Is a Road, Volume One will soon be available at a website near you! (this one). This volume contains the original text of the first three award winning books, but minus a few thousand typos.

Hey! Cool! I can actually say “Award Winning Books!”

I’ve chosen to publish the compilation edition to give readers (particularly new readers) a choice of picking up all three books at once, AND for a cheaper price than the three seperate books.

Once again, my friend Dan Peters is helping me out with work on the cover (Dan does great work!), and I’m truly grateful for his help. The logo above is his work (an adaptation of a plate from Ovid’s Metamorphosis)…and if you’ve seen the covers of the previous books or that storm picture on the home page of my site, you’ve seen his stuff.

I’ve still got to get the cover uploaded and proof copies mailed back and forth. I’ll keep folks posted on the progress.

Oh, and for those dedicated readers that already have all three books…well…I’m working on the forth one now!

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Rainewalker says:

    I’m still in awe at his artwork…have you slept lately?

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