Great Weekend…

I didn’t get a darn thing done this weekend. This should worry me, what with getting the house ready in case I need to sell and all…but it doesn’t. I had a blast this weekend, and I also did something extremely satisfying (see the end of the post)

What I DID do, was ride about 600 miles for some BBQ. Saturday morning I hopped on the bike and headed to Friendswood, Texas (south of Houston) for a friend’s annual BBQ. He throws this thing for friends, friends of friends, and so on every year. His hospitality knows no bounds and with something like 30 brisquits, 30 chickens, a heap of sausage and boudan, a giant pot of beans, potato salad and the like, well, 200 folks or so show up and nobody goes away hungry.

Headed down I had a friend riding with me. He had a flat at speed (80+mph…I was leading), and by the time he managed to get his bike stopped on the shoulder, the tire had unseated from the bead.

Normally, this means getting a wrecker. There is little hope of reseating a motorcycle tire on the road even if you are carrying tire repair supplies…the little compressors we carry cannot put out the volume to make a bead start to seat. Fortunately, I had my tool kit with me. For my Alaska trip, I had suspected I just might get in a situation where I would have to seat a tire. I purchased one of those adapters that screws in place of a spark plug, and uses the engine compression to air up a tire. I still have the small compressor for ease of use in a normal flat or just for adding air, but knew the spark plug thing should put out enough air to be able to seat a tire.

Also, like me, he has a center stand so we were able to get the bike’s weight off the flat tire while it was still hot. This helps get it to seat also.

It worked! In short order we were on our way.

Great bbq, great hospitality, great and interesting people at the destination. Handshakes and hugs all around.

Y’all reminded me why it is that I ride.

I had condisered staying over, either camping or I had an invite to stay for the night (thanks Phyllis!), but the weather was just too perfect for riding.

Headed home into balmy winds, deserted freeways, and just sheer the pleasure of riding. Before I knew it Dallas was showing on the horizon…but I just wasn’t ready to arrive yet. The rhythm of the ride was too perfect and the mp3 player kept selecting outstanding music to accompany it. I detoured around the north side of the city and added another 100 miles or so to the trip. Arrived around 2am (ish) or so.

Ahhhhh. I needed that.

Oh, and that thing I did? That extremely satisfying thing I mentioned above?

I made the last payment on The Dragon. That’s one set of credit-mongering fangs out of my neck.

She’s mine. Of course, she always has been…but that’s yet another story.

Daniel Meyer

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5 Responses to Great Weekend…

  1. Pat says:

    Another great story thank you


  2. UPCruiser says:

    There are some great pics/video of Hotglue’s BBQ bash on the VRCC website. I looked, but couldn’t see you in any of the pics.


  3. Jim Dublin Ireland says:

    Nice one Dan,
    Ya lucky. . . . . . so an so!
    Will be in San Antonio from 11th to 17th April to see de folks. If you might be passing drop me an email at the above addy, and we’ll see if we can meet up.

  4. george higgins says:

    dan: where did you get the tool to take the place of the spark plug to pump up tires with? thanks george ps great ride.

  5. Tim Kuehn says:

    “That’s one set of credit-mongering fangs out of my neck.”

    You mean like one of these?


    Tim Kuehn

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