Get Yourself Some Schlock…

Now it would normally be considered bad practice to advertise somebody else’s books on my site…but with Schlock, I’ve just gotta. Note, I get no compensation for this, I just like Howard’s stuff. Plus, he’s living my dream…earning his way publishing his works.

Howard Tayler’s epic webcomic (he calls it an on-line comic space-opera) has finally come to a dead-tree edition. I’ve been recommending it on my webcomic Links page for a long time now. How can I not? It’s got a hand carried plasma cannon in it! What more could you need?

This is a great story. Check it out at Schlock Mercenary. Order the book (with autograph) for a limited time here.

Don’t miss out. Really. You’ll get a great book, and help support the small press at the same time…oh, and if you’re in a book buying mood…get mine while you’re at it!

Schlock cover

Daniel Meyer

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