Things Aren’t Going Well for the Big Brown Dog…

Well. Damn.

Hershey went in Tuesday morning for surgery on his hip. During the extensive pre-surgical examination, they discovered that he doesn’t have hip displasia afterall. That is not good news.

What he has is a large tumor that destroyed the hip and forcefully seperated the joint. It is now consuming the bone. It was remarkably evident on the current x-ray…but not at all on the one taken just two weeks ago (until you’ve seen the newer one and know exactly where to look on the old one). It is growing rapidly. It’s currently about the size of a softball. We have seen the physical changes evident outwardly in the last couple days or so.

He has lost 14 pounds since his last exam (15% of his body weight).

Basically, he has inoperable bone cancer, 98% certainty. The tumor is part of the hip AND the femur…if it was just his leg, they could remove the leg and if he survived the operation, AND the cancer didn’t spread…he could still have quality of life.

The prelimary surgical exam/testing (to make sure he could tolerate anesthesia) cleared him for narcotic pain killers, so we have a supply of those ($100 bucks worth).

He’s still a happy dog…he got to stop by the farm on his way home to play with all Mom’s dogs and a couple of the more tolerant cats, and I think even the rabbit said, “Hi!” (I’m pretty sure it was “Hi!”…I don’t actually speak rabbit…)

When we’re riding in the car his tail wags so much the vehicle shakes. He had a ball at the vet…even though they are poking and prodding he is always glad to see them. There’s not a mean bone in his body. (He’s lying on my feet as I write this).

He’s also thrilled that we’ll actually throw the “kong” (his ball) for him again…we had been avoiding that to minimize further damage to his hip…we now know that was pointless.

He obviously is experiencing pain though. That’s also impacting his appetite, particularly over the last couple days he is having difficulty standing up from a lying down position.

We will be watching how effective the pain killers are and the progress of the tumor.

The decision is inevitable. Only the timing is adjustable….and probably not very…

Damn. Sometimes I hate being an adult.

We’ve three week supply of pain killers…

… I expect that’s a lifetime’s worth.

Hershey at about 6 weeks age
Hershey the pooped pup...

Hershey a couple days ago
Hershey now

Daniel Meyer

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18 Responses to Things Aren’t Going Well for the Big Brown Dog…

  1. WordFaery says:

    Oh no.

    Oh that poor dog. And poor you too.

    But, Hershey has enjoyed a wonderful life with loving humans. And that is far more than can be said for many pooches.

    I am so sorry. I know how much it hurts. I still haven’t gotten over losing Tobey.


  2. Rainewalker says:

    How does this happen?

    I can’t imagine how you and the wife must feel.

    That tail wagging thing with labs…I knew one once that would clear the coffee table in front of the sofa just by walking past…

    Hugs Daniel.

  3. Cattman says:

    I hate to think about loosing our dog.;( Our thughts are with you.

  4. lilpoobear says:

    You know my thoughts are with you and Carey. It is so hard to see a loved one in pain.

    Big hugs for you and Carey,

  5. Julia says:

    I haven’t the words. The tears rolling down my cheeks will have to do for now.


  6. Joe says:

    We lost ours the day before Christmas. 14 1/2 years, but good years.
    Never any fun. Waiting for summer vacation (both teachers) to find another with time to train…

  7. Britman says:

    Well bugger it.

    Never met you but I feel the hurt.

  8. SheRune says:

    Sorry to hear about Hershey’s cancer. We just lost one of our chihuahuas this past weekend. She was adopted 4 1/2 years ago and they gave her 6 months at that time.
    She had 4 1/2 great years with us.

    Hugs…… for Hershey.

  9. Duey says:

    Sorry for your loss.
    Been through it 4 times!! It never gets easier!! But the memories are still priceless!!!

  10. sundowner says:

    hey daniel, sorry about hershey. I lost my best buddy to cancer about 5 years ago and still miss him. Chang was big black chowchow. And he went every where with me. sorry for your loss. luther.

  11. Roger says:

    Sorry to hear about Hershey. They truely are man’s best friend. My prayers are with you, your wife and Hershey as you go through this.


  12. Cooter says:

    Sorry to hear about Hershey! I laughed when you got him – a cat person getting a lab. I lost a beagle to cancer many years ago, so I know how just the thought hurts.

  13. Ratdog says:

    Daniel… I’m very sorry. I hurt with you at this time. Hershey’s got great heart… but then, so do his dad/mom.

  14. RaineWalker says:

    How is Hershey doing?

  15. Daniel Meyer says:

    Hi Raine,

    Hershey is comfortable…but having trouble getting up and lying down. We have him on pain medication twice daily. It looks like it’s even hurting him to wag his tail (and labs always wag their tail). He’s also still losing weight. He’ll fetch the “kong” (his ball), but only once or twice…then he has to stop. You can tell he’s disapointed.

  16. the Beav says:

    Words fail me. Glad we got to spend some time with Hershey. My prayers for you and Hershey. I know this is a very difficult time and my heart is heavy….the Beav.

  17. Jimboreeno says:

    Ahh Geeze. I just hurts. Maize, our yellow lab is in the throws of cancer. She still runs and romps but it is becoming more evident.
    I have had a great choclote pal named Hershey in the past.
    I am so sorry for the pain he is in and the pain it causes you to witness it.

    More than I can say…

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