You Know You’re an Art Geek When…

You know you’re an art geek when…

…the UPS guy shows up with your Dick Blick order.

Ahhhhhh! Eighty bucks worth of Bristol Board (ya get a price break at 12 pads), a fresh batch of Prima Micron technical inking pens, and some new lead for my pencils.

Imagine me, the tough biker dude, grinning like a school girl and holding the box out to my wife, “Hey look honey! I got some paper!”

“…..that’s nice dear….”


Daniel Meyer

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7 Responses to You Know You’re an Art Geek When…

  1. Tim Kuehn says:

    I think it’d be more interesting if you did that at a biker rally!

  2. Phil Cooper says:

    Does this mean we can expect an update to Steel Horses, soon?

    “Draw, damn you!” Ring a bell, hmmm? 😀

    [btw- have skipped the other 11 books that were in front of LIAR [err, Life Is A Road. Unfortunate acronymn, that] and finished off book 1 in 3 days. I could easily have done it in a few hours, but I find I like to read a story and then walk away and reflect on it and how I’ve had similar experiences in my life… and I don’t even have a bike! It all comes down to wanderlust, I believe– the desire.. no, the NEED- to get out and sample life, usually by way of travel. This is the main reason I’m working up a diesel swap for my jeep– gas is WAY too expensive to get 8mpg, and with diesel I’ll get 30 on cheap fuel– and thus be able to Get Out and Ride!]

    In other news– had my first-ever motorcycle ride last weekend on my dad’s new Shadow- the thing is GORGEOUS. Full dress, black with Harley Orange accents. I went in the short space of 10 minutes from being petrified of having nothing to hold onto and fearing I’d lean wrong in a turn and cause us to go down, to howling into the wind and proclaiming I have GOT to get one of these things.

    Why did it take me 35 years to reach this conclusion? Luckily, my 5 year old son was able to be cajoled by granddad’s promise to not go too fast and was taken for a ride, too… then made granddad speed up and go around the block three more times. In the intervening week, he’s asked EVERY day to go back over so he can ride the motorcycle.

    Thanks, Daniel. I don’t even know you and I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Next time I’m in Dallas, beers are on me. Maybe I’ll make a slight diversion when I take the Jeep out to Moab…

    [pfeh– there I go again, posting longwinded commentary. Maybe I should just get a blog.. ]

  3. RaineWalker says:

    The diesel swap intrigues me…what a cool idea!

    I had to chuckle at this:

    “…had my first-ever motorcycle ride last weekend on my dad’s new Shadow- the thing is GORGEOUS. Full dress, black with Harley Orange accents.”

    Exactly what color is Harley Orange? Is that actually what Honda calls it? too funny…

    Oh, and Phil, you can get your own blog at

  4. Daniel Meyer says:

    Hi Phil,

    Yes, I’ll be updating Steel Horses soon. I actually have several days worth penciled, and more than that roughed out…I just need to ink, scan, add dialog, and post.

    The hold up is we took some damage to the house from a series of storms, and I’ve been busily putting that back together over the last few weekends and weekdays after work. Some facia (sp?) board, a couple sections of fence, etc. Unfortunately the work on the facia board leads to learning that the siding is all loose (storm or just bad construction) and reattaching that…then caulk and paint…

    Sigh. It’s all connected. We’re about 3/4’ths done with the outside. I spent about 4 hours yesterday digging up and bashing out the concrete from a snapped off fence pole (couldn’t pull up in one piece…Noooo…it had to snap off where I couldn’t get a chain on it…

    Anyway, glad you’re enjoying the book. Glad you got to ride. Hope you get to ride some more!

    I’m looking forward to those beers!

  5. Phil Cooper says:

    well I don’t know that Harley Orange is what they call it, or even an actual HD color– but it’s one of those things that you Know It When You See It. : shrug :

    No worries on the lapse with Steel Horses- I know you have much more important stuff to concern yourself with at present– like your work situation, the house, and etc. I’m just intrigued by where it’s going, and keep checking for updates. Not a problem, though– I’ve gotten hooked on several other webcomics you suggested as well.

    I don’t want to go totally OT here with the diesel swap. Maybe I’ll make a blog so if anyone is interested they can check it out. Basically, it isn’t going to be anywhere near as hard as one would think.

  6. Daniel Meyer says:

    (snip) from Phil
    No worries on the lapse with Steel Horses- …/snippy… I’m just intrigued by where it’s going, and keep checking for updates.

    Hey, I’m just thrilled someone’s looking at it! LOL! I’ve been waiting till I have more content and a steady updating schedule before I publicize it heavily…

    It’s got a lot coming…introductions of several major characters and parts of their backstories and such…

    Heh … and dragons and cat-girls and …

    Hopefully my drawing skills will improve as it progresses!

  7. Phil the token Jeep guy says:

    I wouldn’t worry about your drawing skills, Dan-o. While not at the level of a “Better Days” or something of that like, it’s epochs ahead of what I can do, and I feel that the rough look of it is part of the appeal– it reinforces what the story is telling.

    I’m just curious if my numerous ideas I have for the way the story may branch- and what “it” might be- may have anything to do with what ctually occurs.

    I rather doubt it. 😉

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