Dragon’s Mom (I being “Dragon“) was admitted to the hospital early yesterday morning with a blood infection/infected cut in her arm. It’s apparently severe…intravenous antibiotics and a stay at least until Friday are involved.

Mike (my friend and stepdad) called and said, “Guess where I am?” I didn’t need to guess. Even over the phone I could hear hospital sounds. Even over the phone that…atmosphere…that spirit…permeates.

The buildings themselves overwhelm me…I feel nothing but intensly strong emotions the entire time I am there. Everybody in the building is either feeling joy or despair…the latter being the most prevalent. My own emotions…as passionate as they are, get ripped away by the torrent of energy. It can actually make me physically ill if I am there enough. A lifetime’s exposure doesn’t seem to have helped me develop a tolerance either. Ugh.

Besides, we were overdue. Three years ago it was a horse trompling that brought her within an inch of losing her leg and within a mere fraction of that from death. That was closer than most know. Two years ago it was cancer. Last year it was a heart attack. As serious as this is, it’s minor by comparison.

Somehow I’ve got to convince her to simplify…she’s far too busy with all the (deep breath here) dogs cats horses chickens geese rabbits genuie-pigs goats minature-horses and did I mention the chickens cats dogs rabbits horses genuie-pigs geese minature-horses and goats?…(gasp, wheeze).

She still works full-time too…and with the built-in obligation of all the animals she never seems to be happy anymore…and I know she needs to rest more…and have more truly recreational activities (those are impossible because she can’t get away from the menagerie for more than a few hours at a time).

The time-critical obligations are a form of stress. The massive required daily feeding/maintenance, even when she is tired or under other stress, sets her up for additional illness or injury. The built in cost, I expect, is going to prevent her from ever being truly able to retire. Of course, I expect convincing her of that is hopeless too. After-all, the horse-trompling, the cancer, and the heart-attack didn’t do it.  I expect I’d just end up the “bad guy” if I pointed it out. It’s not like she’d listen to me anyway.

Yeah, she’s a hard-headed cuss. Can’t imagine where I got it from.

Anyway, thoughts for her.

I’m a bit numb this morning…and not expressing the depth of emotion terribly well. Some related reading might help…check out these links:

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Dragon’s Mom (left) shown here while recovering from a horse trompling (technical term). I (right) had just finished building the porch we’re standing on…complete with wheelchair ramp.
Dragon's Mom

Daniel Meyer

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6 Responses to Infection…

  1. Phil the token Jeep guy says:

    All my best thoughts for your mother. I’m sure the wolf, owl, and dragon have their best intents for her as well.

  2. Clark aka Honest Henry says:

    You can’t catch a break, can you. My best thoughts for your mom. Mom’s are tough critters to try to give advise to aren’t they.

  3. Tinman says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Hope your Mom recovers quickly!
    Moms are special to us guys. Mine has been gone a long time and I still miss her.
    I think it is thier cooking. No it is being there. No it is the love in everything they do!
    Give her a hug from me and tell her to get well soon! Even though I have never had the pleasure of meeting her.
    Take Care man!!!

  4. Beerman says:

    My hopes and prayers for a speedy recovery to your mom and I wish you strength during these trying times. I can sympathize with you because my father was just in the hospital with pneumonia this past weekend. As our parents get up in age they seem to spend more and more of their time recovering and not nearly enough enjoying living. I guess this is what we have in our future and why we must enjoy living now. Tell her you love her!

  5. wordfaery says:

    Hugs! Hospitals, blech! You know I know.

  6. RaineWalker says:

    That whole hospital thing…*shutters*.

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