It’s All Connected…Part 42

A Home repair update… 

Possible Movie titles:

It’s All Connected–This Time It’s Personal
It’s All Connected–The Revenge
It’s All Connected–The Domicile Strikes Back

Well, you get the idea anyway….

If you’ve been keeping up you know that I’ve been overrun with stuff lately. One of the majors is home repair. Some storm damage as well as some “it’s just plain time” stuff caught up with me and I’ve spent weekends and afternoons after work for the last month (and some) working on the house. Fence replacement for a section tossed down the alley by the rampaging winds was one of the projects…On the house itself, painting and siding repair where the house is not brick (eaves and overhangs) have been the big time eater

Sunday was the big push to get the darn paint preparation finished. Anybody that knows house painting knows…all the work is in the prep (at least, if you care if the job will last and actually protect the house). Since good paint is $25 bucks a gallon, I want the job to last. I climbed around on ladders the entire day. A total of 10 tubes of caulking were used on the front of the house alone, six of those Sunday and all appllied from a ladder. Facia board and miscellanous trim work have also been replaced.

One challenge is that there is a false gable on the front of the house. It’s about 3 feet deep and runs over about a third of the front (adding weather protection for the front door and a bit of architectural interest to my otherwise boxy dwelling). It is mostly decorative and cannot support a man’s weight (particularly MY weight) so it makes things very difficult when working on the siding above it and up to the roof-line.

Sunday I discovered the exact combination of precarious ladder placement, trembling over-extension, and potential severe bodily harm required to reach the area in question without having to erect scaffolding and other nice things that I don’t own.

A flurry of caulking and repair ensued.

Satisfied, exhausted, and finally finished with ALL the prep and repair needed before I complete the paint job, I considered it a day well spent. Now all I have to do is paint…right?

Heh heh…If you’ve learned anything…I hope that you’ve learned that it just doesn’t work that way.

I noticed something a bit odd on the window casement on one of our front windows. I reach out to tap the wood.


Oooo look! A fist-sized hole in my “solid” wood window casement! A bad installation (former owner) allowed some water intrusion and ground contact. Termites and rot were the result (old termite stuffs…nothing active…the house was treated a couple years ago and is inspected annually).

And of course….dimensional lumber in that exact size is not available except by special order… (special order means expen$ive). I’ll have to change the look of the window casement a bit…which really isn’t so bad as I don’t really like the way it looks anyway…but wait! There’s more! If I change that window’s look, I need to do the other three on the front of the house as well.

And there’s that attic vent I want to put in and that light fixture is kind of fugly and ……..

Daniel Meyer

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4 Responses to It’s All Connected…Part 42

  1. Troy says:

    Ooooooo…. and the hits just keep coming folks!

  2. KnightAnarchy says:

    Now is the time to install the twin, motion sensitive, “anti – solicitors” pop up turrets with the gatling 12 gauges. Now that would be much more interesting than reading about your new attic vent. Unless you combined the two…

  3. RaineWalker says:

    did you happen to take “before” and “after” pictures?

  4. Daniel Meyer says:

    Haven’t so far…if I do my job right, there won’t be much difference except for the color (sad huh?) I will of the window casements though.


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