Over the Hump?

Wow! An entire week went by with no more disasters…well…that’s not entirely true…there were developments in some ongoing disasters…BUT no new ones!

We had several rounds of severe storms this week, and nothing else got damaged. None of my hard work on the house got undone. Nothing else failed.

I still don’t know about my job…the outsourcing company’s got nothing for me, and my company has missed their stated date for posting internal “opportunities”. (shrugs) I expected no less. I’ve got a couple other offers…both of which I tabled pending my company actually telling me what was going on…I’ll give them till the next deadline (May 15th) and then if they’ve got nothing posted or offered by that time, I’ll just assume I need to move on. We’re all to big too play these kind of games, and I’ve got a life I really would like to get on with.

The dog is still gimping around…a little harder for him to get up and down, but he still can, and the painkillers are still working. The unused leg has some swelling in it (that’s new yesterday) and the tumor is scary big in his hip.

I figure he needs to go visit the vet next week…just to have an educated confirmation that we’re still doing the right thing for now. The need to see the swelling anyway.

It’s been raining off and on all week…so not much painting happened after work this week…but there’s not much left and it’s coming along nicely. I can probably finish it this weekend if the weather holds up…but honestly…I probably won’t work on it tomorrow (Saturday).

I’m going for a ride!

Daniel Meyer

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3 Responses to Over the Hump?

  1. wordfaery says:

    Give Hershey more scratches from me.

  2. Phil the token Jeep guy says:

    well at least someone’s getting work on the house accomplished… cuz I sure am not…

    of course, getting off work at midnight and stopping by Denny’s on the way home, and sitting there reading of your Alaska trip for two hours after finishing my meal, probably isn’t condusive to rest and, by extension, productivity…

    As if I didn’t have a severe case of wanderlust to begin with, your account of the TAH has the need to go see literally boiling my blood.

    Sure, it’ll be from inside my cage– the built-up Jeep- so not the same as your experiences… but all the same….. I need this, before I have to kill and eat one of my site admins….

  3. Daniel Meyer says:

    Hey Phil…heh heh…sorry about the Denny’s thing. Glad you’re enjoying the book!

    Take the cage if you must. Just go. Stop at the little places…one nice thing about the bike was that the limited fuel range made me stop at places most people bypass. That’s where all the action’s at!

    Daniel Meyer

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