Saturday Ride….

BOOOMMMM! Crash! Rrrruuuummmble…..

I posted this early Saturday Morning:

Haven’t been out much lately. Mostly working…and when off, working on the house.

There’s only so much of that a man can/should take…’Jack a dull boy’ and all that…

Gotta ride. The storms aren’t due back till this afternoon…

That monster storm from last night is well to the east.

Think I’ll head east. Maybe I can catch it.


I was hoping for bright and sunny, but knew it was not to be.

I went anyway. 300 mile round trip down to the area around Rusk, Texas (went down so Mike and Mom could buy me lunch!). Mmmmm. Catfish. Thanks again guys!

Pretty clean run on the way down.

Not so good on the way home…but it reminded me of an old post, so I went and pulled the text:

Dark and stormy can be fun too!

[bang, rrruuummmmbbble]

[me, laughing out loud] “You missed! Hah!”


[twisting the throttle to its stop, startling other drivers as I roar by screaming at the top of my lungs] “You’ll have to do better than *that*!!! BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”


I’ve been close enough to a strike that the bike died at full throttle….the lights and power gone for a second. Small pebbles and other debris kicked up by the strike rattle off the steel of the bike, stinging the flesh of the man. She blinks, shakes it off, and comes back to life, and we roar into the storm, me laughing all the way.

Spring is coming. I can *taste* it….


Spring is here folks. Saturday was one hell of a ride.

And that was exactly what I needed! I feel much better now.

Daniel Meyer

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3 Responses to Saturday Ride….

  1. wordfaery says:


  2. Phil the token Jeep guy says:

    we had a similar storm yesterday afternoon, here.

    Normally, this is just the kind of weather I like to get out in the jeep in [yes, I know it’s not the same as on a bike– but it’s EXACTLY the sort of stuff my Jeep is built to eat for breakfast 😉 ].

    Unfortunately, I was at work- all alone. So I spent about two hours outside during the worst of the storm, wearing my drizabone [only the 3/4 length- coulda done with the full length as I was soaked from mid-thigh down] and favorite Akhubra hat.

    Man, those Aussies sure know how to deal with the weather, and look snappy doing it 😉

    Kept getting odd looks from people leaving from the mid watch at the Brig as they drove by. Can’t imagine why- what’s so odd about someone standing in the midst of a perfectly good squall with a huge grin on their face when there’s perfectly good shelter 50 feet away? 😉

  3. Raine Walker says:

    We’re having the same right now as I write this…I DID stand on the porch for a long time before I came here…you could *smell* the lightning

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