Annnnnnd….Nobody Died!

It was a great day. Chainsaws and fire were involved (grunt/snort).

Two men swinging chainsaws around with reckless abandon. Mass destruction. Wood flying everywhere. Fire consuming the remains. Chicken for lunch. Yum! (burp. hmm. tastes like chicken!)

My friend Mike and I spent the day Friday hacking up the remains of the tree that came down in last summer’s hurricane. Some of you may recall that event…here. At that point we had concentrated on removing the parts that were actually in or on the living room. Well, with summer maintenance (mowing), and an impending move coming up (they are retiring there) it was time to get rid of the rest of this monster.

I’d guess we cut around 5 tons of wood…including a bunch of stuff in excess of 3 feet across. We also had a fire to burn all the smaller branches and whatnot. Rather than pile all that up and have one massive burn (there is not a reliable supply of water on the property at the moment) we had a much smaller fire that we simply fed steadily all day long.

We worked ourselves silly. I needed it. Some hard work is always good for the body…and it can help clear the mind too. Plus, I just really needed to whack up somebo…something with a chainsaw…and attacking a tree is perfectly legal.

There’s more to do…there always is…but everything’s out of the way for mowing, hay bailing, and general improvement of the property.

About riding…
A good ride: Nobody died.
A great ride: And you can use the bike again!

Well…applying that to yesterday…Nobody died. AND we can use the chainsaws again.


A GREAT day!

Daniel Meyer

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