I slept in a bit Saturday…spending all day Friday chainsawing (and laughing maniacally) took a bit out of me.

The wife fixed me a leisurely breakfast and we lounged around for a while. Eventually, the mood struck me and I looked at the clock. It was nearly noon.

I looked over at the wife and said, “I think I’ll go get some barbeque.”

Alas, she knows me well. She looked back at me, raised that quirky eyebrow of hers that tells me she thinks I’m probably up to no good, and said, “In what State?”

It must have been the way I’d said it. If I’d just wanted to grab a quick barbeque lunch I’d have probably said, “Let’s go grab some barbeque for lunch.” or something like that…but no, she was right. I’d remembered that the Oklahoma VRCC was holding a weekend ride-in at Robber’s Cave State park in Oklahoma, and more importantly, I remembered they were having a barbeque dinner Saturday night.


I took the back way up…winding around the southwest Oklahoma woods. The roads were deserted and I had a wonderful time aggressively carving canyons and flying through the woods.

By the direct route, Robber’s Cave is 200 miles from the house. It took me 6 hours and 320 miles to get there.

Great scenery, great people, and great food. Yum!

I got home around 1 am Sunday morning…I took the direct route home to avoid the worst of the wildlife. A wonderful night run.

Well over 500 miles run for a barbeque dinner.

Hmmm….maybe I’ll get some Mexican food tonight….

Daniel Meyer

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