Bored Beyond Belief….

I’ve got tons of things in my life that I’m excited about. Riding, writing, drawing, friends, lovers (well, okay, lover…the wife…but I’m still excited). Unfortunately, work…my career…takes up the majority of my time. Yeah, we all have to work for a living. I’d just like to be able to devote more time to the things I care about.

That used to be what I did…Yes, I’ve got to earn a living…but I found something I cared about to do to earn that living. Passion in all things, you see? That’s the only way you can be good at what you do.

But now? They’ve told me my job is ending and I’ll have to apply for a new one. They’ve not told me when. They’ve not posted any jobs to apply for. They’ve missed that deadline twice, and now, with the last missed one…have not even bothered to say, “Oops.” and announce a new one. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

It’s frustrating, and since our organization is in disarray…there is no long-term plan. There is no plan at all. They’ve been dragging this out for months.

Here we sit…minor fixes, maintenance stuff, and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Bored beyond belief.

I used to care so much about what I do…I really need to care about it again.

Drop the goddamn shoe already.

Daniel Meyer

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3 Responses to Bored Beyond Belief….

  1. Ron says:


    Give me my walking papers and a fat check but LET ME GO!!!!

  2. Clark says:

    I know the feeling. My company is being bought…just waiting for the FTC and DOJ to do their job to see if afterwards I’ll have a job…

  3. Tim Kuehn says:

    As a contract software developer I can appreciate the position you feel you’re in. But, rather than waiting for someone else to decide your fate, you could be pro-active and do something with / about your situation. I’ve found times like this prime times to play with new technology and learn something new you wouldn’t have time for otherwise. Or, you could become a consultant and market your services to the other media companies that are using the technology you talked about in an earlier blog. Who knows, you may even be able to work it so you can get *paid* to ride your Dragon to distant client locations – and then write all kinds of stories about the journey for the rest of us to read.

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