Art Geekiness–Part Duex

White oak. Nearly 5 feet long . . . over a foot high by a foot and a half or so wide. Probably weighs in at 200+ pounds. And I cut this out of a branch! I can make bigger ones!

You know you’re an art geek when . . . 

(me) “Hey honey,” I excitedly lower the tailgate, “I got a block of wood!”
(the wife) “That’s nice dear.”

Oak block

What’s it for? Heh . . . I’m not really sure . . . but I’ve got a good idea. You’ll be seeing this again. It’d make a great base for something, yes? Maybe a steel sculpture . . . I’m pretty sure I pointed out just how much I like this one. Probably something along those lines, but full bodied and dragon related.

Hark! To the bat cave . . . ur . . . no . . . wait . . . that’s not it (I’ve never looked good in tights).

Ah, yes. I’ve got it! To the plasma cutter!

Daniel Meyer

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2 Responses to Art Geekiness–Part Duex

  1. MightyDingus says:

    Um. Plasma cutter + Wood = Ash

    That’s bad and a criminal waste a quality piece of wood like that.


  2. Phil the token Jeep guy says:

    Well actually, plasma cutter+ wood= uneventful use of plasma cutter. No way to conduct the ground…. ;P

    The Plasma cutter would work much better building parts for my jeep. 😉

    [have recently found a pretty awesome deal on plasma cutters via my 4X sites– so I’ll be burning metal shortly 😉 ]

    Can’t wait to see what comes of it, Dragon.

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