Not My Best Day…

I’m exhausted. To bed at midnight last night, and up again at 3:00am to get to the airport in time for a 5:00am flight. Then I was off to class…learning some really cool video editing stuff…professional grade full deck editing on a MAC desktop (Final Cut Pro). Not physically difficult, but learning something interesting or useful always takes a mental effort. Not an easy thing to summon on three hours sleep. I know I’m in trouble when caffeine loses its effectiveness on me. Ugh.

Sooo…I put the wife on a plane this morning. She’s off to visit her parents for a couple weeks. Already I’m lonely. Already I know this house holds little for me when she’s not here.

Already I feel the need to ride… Already I feel the need to fly

Unfortunately The Dragon has a flat tire. I discovered it early this morning, but due to the run to the airport this morning and my class running late today I was unable to get it pulled and to the tire guy soon enough. Right in the sidewall too, so it’s not repairable. I’ll try again tomorrow. I should be able to get out of work soon enough.

Nachos tonight…and alas, that’s when I realize that there’s no dog to share them with. Crud.

Some music will help. Then some sleep. Then some work. Then some wrenching.

Then, come hell or high water…it’s time for a ride.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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