Bang! Zoom! Road Gators…and the Cartoon Stars.

More on this cryptic line from Friday’s post:

The night and the darkside of the man both took their toll. The injuries and damage were minor though…the bike’s still rideable at least…

Scarred helmet.

More pics here. The story will follow…I’ve just gotta hunt down and kill all these cute, puffy, cartoon stars floating about (in time to the music no less!)

Daniel Meyer

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4 Responses to Bang! Zoom! Road Gators…and the Cartoon Stars.

  1. rainewalker says:


    Valkyrie = 1, Road Gator = 0


  2. Phil the token Jeep guy says:

    holy crap!

    I hope you’ve been to hospital and had a full workup. If not, go. Now. Seriously. We need you healthy and functional so you can continue to write such wonderful books.

    I’m sure you’re in pain now, but remember it’ll really kick in the day after the day after the accident. 🙁

  3. WordFaery says:

    Yah, what the Jeep dude said.

  4. Larry Tibbott says:

    I just got your website emailed to me about the deer and started looking around at your other riding experiences. I have found them to be quite entertaining and uplifting. I hope you are up and running with no problems. I have been riding for a few years and thankfully haven’t had any bad experiences other than oncoming traffice wandering into my lane. I am preparing for retirement from the Air Force and look forward to my next life. My wife and I are trying to buy a bar/restaurant in Iowa. Will keep ya updated as things progress. If you ever venture that far out of Texas, I’d love to read one of your articles about our place. Stay safe out there.


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