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I worked on a lot of stuff this weekend. First, an oil and rear-end lube change for The Dragon. Just over 90,000 miles on that beastie nowadays. I still need to rebuild the front-end. I’ve got new fork seals, sliders (bushings) and Progressive springs, as well as head bearings. I’ve also a new front axle and wheel seals…was kind-of hoping my new tire would come in before I started. The tire is on backorder (sigh).

I stopped messing with my bike when one of the VRCC members showed up for some help with the rear end on his machine. It had simply reached the service interval and it was time to pull it down, check things out, lube, and reassemble. Not a huge job, but can take some time. Dealers should do it on tire changes, but rarely do (and even more rarely do it right). We found his had been assembled incorrectly the last time he had it worked on (hence the reason I do all my own work). He’s missing a thrust washer, which eliminates wear on the wheel from the movement of the hub assembly. Unfortunately I didn’t have one handy, and of course all the dealers in town don’t really stock any parts and have to order everything. We’ll have to pull it down again when the part comes in.

Next was a leisurely ride to McKinney to help my friend Mike shop for some electrical parts. He’s got a . . . minor . . . heh . . . project underway. I’m thinking this would be about phase one of 12-million or so . . . I expect in the next couple weeks I’ll need to spend some time down at their new place doing some wiring.

I got a little writing done. I’m progressing on the 4th Life Is a Road book. I’ve set Storm Rider aside for the moment. My divided efforts were not getting me anywhere and I really want to get a book out this year.

The house project has lost  some of its momentum, as other time-sucking things ramp up and finiancial considerations slow the pace. I’ve still got to repair the front window casements and finish painting the trim. The heat is also a factor. It’s no longer possible to work on it in the afternoon after work. Latex paint won’t apply correctly in 100-degree air temperatures, much less to the surface in the sun that’s probably 30 degrees hotter than that.

Work? As in my career? Don’t even get me started. Still waiting. The music’s still playing. A bunch of the chairs are missing though.

Just a rambling update. More later.

Daniel Meyer 

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