Missing posts…

I “privatized” a couple posts…they had to do with this debacle I call a career.

I’ll bring ’em back later. Right now…well…things are just a bit restless in Salem.

Edit: I should clarify…nothing you–my readers and commenters–did is the cause of this. I pulled them due to timing and events as relates to the specific content of MY posts, not the comments or emails from my readers.  

Read on! Comment frequently!

Daniel Meyer

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One Response to Missing posts…

  1. Phil the token Jeep guy says:

    entirely understandable, Dragon. Sometimes it just helps to get the thoughts out. I have a blog of my own that exactly one other person knows about- but he’s like a brother to me. It’s not that I write anything for him to see- I just write to get it out.

    Besides, it’s mostly just grousing and grumbling, and general bs. Who’d want to read about that part of my life? 😀

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