Grindstones, Noses, that sort of thing.

Did some bike work this morning, helping a friend put in a missing part in his driveline. I need to knuckle down and work on mine too…lots to do. But it’s hot and nasty out there, and cool and comfortable in here.

I still need to work though.

I’ve got the headphones in. I’ve been writing for the past hour or so (this is just a quick break). I’m heavy into book four. Heavy enough into it so that very soon now, I might be able to let you folks know a release date. It will be this year.

Soon, I’ll be able to take pre-orders. I might even have something special in mind for those…a special/limited edition or something.

Ah, well. Gotta finish writing it first.

(cranks up the tunes) “Oooo…Boston!”

(looks at the mp3 player) “Ahhh, and Bon Jovi and REO Speedwagon lined up after that!”

(cranks it up some more) “Gonna be a good afternoon.”

(clickity clickity clickity)

There’s not many of us that can type 60wpm while doing air guitar…

Daniel Meyer

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