Busy Weekend

I left work Friday afternoon and went to Rusk…well, about 10 miles east of Rusk actually…which is 40 miles south of Tyler and 130 miles from my home.

I went to do some work at my stepdad and Mom’s new property. Did electrical work till 11pm Friday night….then from 7am Saturday till about 7:30pm. Electrical work included ditch digging, post hole digging (ever tried to dig a 4′ deep hole?), and standing up a 400 pound, 20 foot pole with service gear on it. Installed the service, panel, and roughed in all the wiring in an unairconditioned and uninsulated building. It was hot, humid, and there were no clouds or breeze. Gah. Hot!

Anyway, got home around 1am last night. Got up at 7ish this morning…started checking emails and stuff…and fell asleep again LOL! Wife said I had a glass of tea in one hand, the laptop on my knee with the other hand poised to type…

She said I growled at her when she tried to take the tea….


I’m working tonight. Tomorrow is reserved for finishing up all the stuff I’ve neglected on The Dragon. Tuesday I’m headed for Colorado.

Y’all be safe…and don’t try to take my tea…

Daniel Meyer

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