It Had to Happen…

It was like something out of a cartoon…or a bad dream.

It was almost stereotypical in it’s timing and execution…it could have only happened right then.


Anyway, Wednesday I was scheduled for an interview to keep my job. Not just any interview, but hopefully and in theory the last interview in this long and so far, hopelessly drawn out process.

So, what happened? Well, 15 minutes before the interview I went to the restroom…a wise thing to do before sitting for an hour drinking water and answering questions.

I zipped up…and was left holding the complete zipper mechanism in my hand. I didn’t even pull hard…it just came off, and the zipper opened up wider and further than I would have dreamed possible.

Ahhhhh, yeah, the ventilation was kind of refreshing in this hot Texas summer, liberating even! But I’m pretty sure it’s not socially acceptable casual business attire. (that would bring a whole new meaning to the term “casual”, yes?)

NOT a field repair.


If it had happened earlier, I could have gone home and changed pants. I’m appalled that it happened at all (haven’t had that problem since highschool!).

As it was, I had to tell the interviewer that I needed to reschedule. Not helpful to my cause, that. Ah well.

It would have been very difficult to coherently discuss leadership and technical abilities with my grey underwear and various not-so-confined anatomical features hanging out of my pants.

Yep, I had to cancel.

Now, if I’d been wearing my superman underwear . . . we might’ve still had something to talk about.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. ron says:

    My advice for the zipper ‘situation’ is to leave a shirttail poking out. If eye contact makes the other party nervous … well they have somewhere to look.

    Here hoping you have a good interview with limited wardrobe malfunctions!

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