21 Years…

This year marked my twenty-first year with this company. They do not recognize the 20th year for some reason…it’s always been 5, 10, 15, and 21.

I started in 1985, helping to bring the new production plant on-line. We achieved great things there. I’ve been involved in newspaper production and technology integration here ever since. I’ve lost track of the systems I’ve helped to install or bring on-line, or designed and developed.

Jheeze. 21 years.

On my fifth year, my boss shook my hand and congratulated me. On my tenth year, me and the wife were treated to an extravagant dinner by the boss.

At my fifteenth year…the boss paid for lunch.

So, you’ve gotta wonder how my company has rewarded my 21 years of hard work, dedication, and innovation (I’ve missed 3 days of work due to illness in all that time).

Well, to start with, the anniversery date was actually in February, but due to various record keeping nightmares, they have it listed as May.

So, did they notice in May?


Did they notice at all?

Well, this weekend I got a letter at home from a third-party company congratulating me on this achievement and inviting me to log-on to a website to order a cheap-ass prize to be shipped to my house. Even allowing for the “official” date of May, it’s three months late. And from a third-party? I ordered a “skill” drill that would cost about $12 at Home Depot. It said I can expect to wait up to 2 months for delivery.

I’ve not even gotten an annual review or raise this year.

Now, I’m really not sure what I expected…but wow. Just wow.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Strom says:

    One of the companies I used to work for had a bit better… rewarding… thing…
    5 years – 5000 DEM ($2500 US)
    10 years – 10000 DEM ($5000 US)
    all cash.
    Too bad… I was there only for 9 months… lol. Bout all I could stand too.


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