Tales of the Questor

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Tales of the Questor--Volume 1Tales of the Questor--Volume 2

Yeah, okay, I know. I shouldn’t really be plugging other folk’s books on my book site, but I love this story, art, and style.

Finally, RH Junior’s wonderful webcomic Tales of the Questor comes to graphic novel form. Gorgeous artwork, a tremendous heartwarming story, and very effective storytelling make these books a bargin. Available in black and white or color. The color volumes are more expensive but well worth it in my opinion. If budget really is a consideration, go ahead and get the black and white versions. It does reproduce very well in grayscale. Either way, don’t miss this story! Buy these books! Click the books for direct link to where you can buy them, or if you want a preview, visit the webcomic. I highly recommend these! I laughed, I cried, I laughed while crying. Great books!

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Daniel Meyer

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