Hey! I have a job after-all!

I was just offered…and accepted…a job as Senior Applications Analyst for the Publishing Support group of Belo Corp.

Pretty much the same job…for the same people…as I already had, but they were outsourcing and made us all re-apply if we wanted to continue on with the company.

Anyway, now I have a job again. I hope I’ve done the right thing…usually I know the answer to that.

It should be entertaining at least.

Daniel Meyer

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4 Responses to Hey! I have a job after-all!

  1. Strom says:

    Hey, congrats!


  2. ron says:

    Let’s see, if the interview process was 21 years … imagine your probation period!

    It’s been an emotional roller coaster, it must be nice to have things settled.


  3. Linda says:

    Hey Danny boy,

    Congrates, we have been thinking about you.
    Hope you got a big raise for all your grief. 🙂
    Here’s to the next 21 years.


  4. BurnieM says:

    If I were you I would keep looking.

    Old relationships are gone
    Your new employee will critise you for those little extra jobs and you old employer will get annoyed that everything is now dollar based (what did they expect?)

    Been there, done that and would never go back

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