New at the Meyer Casa

We took the loss of Hershey pretty hard…and we weren’t gonna do this so soon…but a friend had to move from a house to an apartment, “Zerbert” likes us, and they were worried that nobody would adopt an old dog, sooooo….

Meet Zerbert:
Zerbert the dog

Zerbert the dog

He’s a 15 to 16 year old black lab mix. VERY well behaved, friendly, calm, and, like all the other pets, is already following the wife around and guarding her well (I think she spoils them when I’m not home).

He totally ignores the cats (like they’re invisible). Casper, the 22-pound Maine Coon (pictured below in an older photo) hasn’t decided whether that’s an insult or a blessing…

Casper the 22-pound Maine Coon

Daniel Meyer

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