Walls surround him again
He can only move just so
Left with one road to travel
Only one row to hoe

Not imprisoned by concrete or steel
Or a cliff by the sea
Rather, subtle pressures are brought to bear
He’s got his role to fulfill you see

To conform, to submit
To play only his part
Others care not to see
The desires of his heart

Some passions denied, others decried
Only the worker reigns free
To toil and provide is his function
Just where is he supposed to find release?

His insides lay bare, threaten to tear
Screams to the wind go unheeded
Advice and change are required
A friend at his back is what’s needed

Yet there’s no one behind
To pick up that part
Strength’s defined in the role
His needs are supposed to be sparse

No outlet’s allowed
For the passions that burn
A pillar. A rock.
He must be both, in their turn.

Facing the storm
Never permitted to bend
His heart slowly torn loose
Swept away in the merciless wind

October 1, 2006

Daniel Meyer

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