Lookie What I’ve Got!

The press proofs. The only two copies in existence.

Life Is a Road, It's About the Ride press proofs

They look really nice….


Preorders will be ending soon…I’ll be turning in the first print order in a few days. You’ll still be able to order, but the free shipping offer will expire once I place the order.

It’s been going briskly! You maniacs ran me out of several of the other titles too! Thanks! I really appreciate your support…and feel free to order more. I’ve got ’em coming.

I’m still on target for shipping Life Is a Road, It’s About the Ride the second or third week in November. Get your order in now!

It will be several weeks before the new book shows up in the traditional distribution channels (Amazon, bookstores, etc). For now, you can only get it here!

Find out why, It’s About the Ride.

Daniel Meyer

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One Response to Lookie What I’ve Got!

  1. Bryce Lee says:

    Sadly this is Canada. None of the distribution outlets here deal with
    small press companies, particularly stateside. Iwonder why?
    Maybe because our country taxes reading material (15% BTW) upon

    My books came through Canada Post and Storage with 15 percent tax added plus a C$5.00
    handling charge in good order…

    Damn fine reading, worth every penny!

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