Election day…discouragements?

Yep, as always, I voted. This is not a post about who or why so don’t worry about discussing gods, devils, and the end (or beginning) of the world etc..

This is a post about the conditions at my polling place. It’s interesting…but had I not already known where it was…had I not actually been there before, it would have been very difficult to actually vote.

The polling place is in a school…a rather large campus. There were no “official polling place” signs out front. If you were observant…you could find the pile of signs put out by the various candidates, but no sign telling you where to vote.

Once on the campus, there were no signs. Nothing. The pile of cars parked at one end of the parking lot gave some clue though. Next, there was one small (8-1/2 x 11″) sign denoting the offical “distance marker”…that is, poll takers and campaigners are not allowed closer than the sign.

So, maybe that’s a hint right? We walk down the sidewalk for a while, eventually find an unlocked door. Open that into a hallway. Still no signs. Whoops! Another unlocked door! Open that and there’s the sign! “Official Polling place”. Small, and taped to the inside of the door.

This is a small door…a single…two people cannot pass abreast in it. It leads into the back-stage of a gym…up stairs (not handicapped accessable), to where the voting is a-happening.

Just what are they trying to do here?

And who are they?

Daniel Meyer

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