Again with the Schlock!

So, here I go again promoting somebody else’s books on my website. Ahh, but that’s okay right? You all are loyal readers and have already ordered your Life Is a Road books right? Oh, and don’t forget the extra signed sets for Christmas presents!

Now, that out of the way, let’s talk Schlock. Howard Tayler’s Schlock Mercenary comes to a dead tree edition (again) with the release of his second book, Schlock Mercenary, The Blackness Between.

Schlock Mercenary, The Blackness Between

The production values of these books are amazingly high. In short, they’re gorgeous. A quality product, both in production and content.

Schlock Mercenary has continually updated daily for over six years, and is one of the best sci-fi comics on the web. Howard is one of the few that make a living at this. So, help support the small press. Go visit Howard. Click on his ads. Buy his books.

Um…right after you’ve ordered mine that is.

Daniel Meyer

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