“About the Ride” Pre-orders are Shipped!

All of the preorders for Life Is a Road, It’s About the Ride have been shipped! The last of them went out today. Again, I thank you for your support and feel free to contact me if there are any problems.

Comcast customers please note…your ISP has decided to protect you from my evil email domain (maybe my server is infested with squirrels)…so I cannot send emails out to Comcast customers until Comcast gets their head out of …ur… I mean…until they get this cleared up.

I’ve got books in stock…so don’t forget Christmas! Signed sets make great gifts for the rider or adventurer in your life. Order now!

About the ride order

Daniel Meyer

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2 Responses to “About the Ride” Pre-orders are Shipped!

  1. dominic says:

    Yay, thanks. Got it. Can’t wait to read. 🙂

  2. Bryce Lee says:

    Ordered the books, they came while I was in hospital enduring the removal
    of a malignant left kidney and associated plumbing.

    It had been 8 weeks since diagnosis. This is Canada, Province of Ontario, socialized
    medicine. Everybody gets equal kick at the system. There areno private health providers.

    You do it the government way or not at all. There are a few rebels around however by and large you wait as much as anybody else. And sometimes you get on the short list as I did,
    and get it out fast, otherwise it would be next March or April for removal.

    The books, are “different.” Meyer’s writing style could be best described as abstract.

    Each volume stands on its own yet, there is a continunity between the books and indeed
    the chapters. I read the books on the basis of the initial copywrite data in the front.

    There was no real other way to determine which came first, the chicken or the egg.

    The sketches are in some ways illustrative of the topics in each chapter; then again
    looking at the drawings doesn’t always give a hint as to the subject of the chapter.

    My own perception perhaps.

    As to sizings, methinks Daniel Meyer is a small boy! Now granted he is from north
    Texas (try driving across the province of Ontario if you want something big)
    and counts himself as a big boy, not.

    I stand six foot nine anc change and weigh in at well over 350 pounds. And like Daniel
    am not plumb, just big. I tried a Valkyrie at one point when they first arrived
    here in Ontario, way too small a motorcycle for me. But then none of anybody’s
    current offerings are big. Harley-Davidson machines are tiny by comparison.

    I’ll take my 1981 Honda Goldwing albeit modified with a solo seat for me anyday.
    My concern for it is longevity, although I do have a spare frame, rebuilt engine
    and transmission stored in the upstairs of the garage.

    Riding season is over for me this year, Meyer’sbooks remind then of what was and
    what will be next year.

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