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The Magic UPS guy showed up today, and I now have plenty of ALL the titles in stock, in both hard AND soft cover (several had been listed as “limited quantity” on my order page for a few days now).

So. Order away!

On a related note…I will not be shipping anything ordered after 6pm Sunday Jan 21 until I get back from my business trip next week. So, order before Sunday if you want them next week. I also encourage you to go ahead and order next week if you’re in the market. I’ll ship everything ordered next week on Monday, Jan 22…and they do go fast…

You can, of course, order from lulu or Amazon or any of my other suppliers as well. Their shipping schedule is not affected by my business trip (LOL!)

Y’all (that’s a Texas technical term) have a safe (or at least fun) week!

Daniel Meyer

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