So, here’s my problem with airport security.

Whilst I’m in Boston being professionally assaulted by the airport screener because of their crappy, defective equipment…

Him, at the end: “Well, I guess it was the rivits on your jeans it was picking up.”
Me: “Doesn’t work very well then does it?”

Anyway, as I have some 6 foot guy feeling up my feet (these people are criminally insane…and from now on before I fly I’m not changing my socks for a week), I’m eyeing the 40 pound laptop computer and bag I’ve been hauling around the airport all day.

Now why am I hauling this around instead of checking it?

The airline and the giant employment agency for ex-high-school bullies TSA tell me that the baggage is not secure enough for me to check valuables…and that they cannot be responsible for it arriving at my destination if I do check it.

Hmmm…the bag I hand to the airline employee that is immediately sent to their secure area…and remains inside that secure area until it spits out on the baggage carousel at the end…is NOT secure. Somebody could open it, remove items, and get them out of the airport.

There’s the rub, ya know? If somebody can open it and remove items…then they can open it and insert items.

Meanwhile, 7 “security” guys are involved in feeling my feet.

Yeah. I feel safe. How about you?

Daniel Meyer

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