Picture this.

Take a small lunch sack (or bag for you non-southern readers)…the brown paper kind that’s waxed.

In a double boiler, melt about 6 ounces of high-quality, very dark chocolate.

Pour it into the sack. Swish it around till the entire inside is coated. Set upright in the freezer.

When hard, tear the sack off, and what you have left, is a chocolate sack…a chocolate sack that the extra chocolate ran to the bottom to give you a candy-bar thickness for the bottom.

Fill the chocolate sack to within an inch of the top with a whipped white chocolate mousse. Fill the remaining space with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Serve up as dessert.


This topped off my dinner in Providence last Thursday of Fettucini Alfredo with bay shrimp and sea scallops, served up by the tiny little naturally flirty thing with the really nice knock…ur…the really low-slung tight black top. Yeah, she leaned way over and started describing dark chocolate and forbidden fruit and I didn’t even ask how much it cost. I didn’t care. It turned out to cost nearly as much as the entrée actually. I still don’t care.

There’s a story in the middle of this…a story of turmoil…of restlessness…of the dark side of the man…of wild eyes and pain, passion, and loneliness two-thousand miles from home, without even The Dragon to help me outrun it. A mixture of darkly male thoughts, sapped creativity, swirling feelings, and utter exhaustion that even chocolate couldn’t help to quell.

But that’s another story.

Or is it? There’s distance…creatures of the night…unthinkably cold temperatures…and steel and blood.

Perhaps I’ll tell it later.

Daniel Meyer

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