Wasted Work?

Wasted work? I’m not sure. I get paid for it…but is that enough?

Anyway, myself and a coworker are attempting to do the reverse-engineering of a particularly nasty system…a system they let all the folks go that constructed the … thing … and a system that is slated for replacement. Why? So we can add new functionality and improve existing problems with the thing.

But…it’s slated for replacement. They know it’s dangerous. They know it’s not a long term solution.

It’s intense work. I expect us to still be tracing scripts and spoolers and crossmounts and other bad practices through the end of this work week and into the next. It’ll take all our talents to do it.

But why? We’re going to pull it out sometime soon…it’s just that nobody will put the foot down and say “when” soon is.

It’s a waste of effort.

But I do get paid. It’s what they want me to be doing right now…and they cut the checks.

So, is it still a waste?

Food for thought.

Daniel Meyer

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