…And it’s back!

A series of simple events…unrelated…or are they?

The world…and the encounters we find in it…can be so much more than they appear to be…

A bit of a challenge at work…a chance to excercise my skills.
Finally a test of my skills…instead of yet another tiresome test of my patience.

A live concert with my favorite band.
Three hours of music…skilled and subtle magicians weaving their intricate spells and carving pathways through my soul.

A challenge to excercise my mechanical muse at home…
Man and machine. No matter that I deny it…Steel and oil run hot in my blood.

A little bit of art…
THAT side of me pulls stronger every year…DARE I unleash it?

A particularly good evening’s session at the keyboard…
I’m intently working on “Storm Rider”…hopefully for Summer ’07

A brace of outstanding, moving, soul-stretching tunes…
And we try so hard
But it’s not enough
to hold back the tide
and get rid of this stuff
and the weight of the world
comes crashing in on us all

A high-speed ride through the cold and the mists of the night…
To hell with the winter and all it stands for. RIDE!

A night’s passion with the wife…
What? Riding doesn’t make you horny? Maybe you’re not doing it right.

The dream…
Reality bends, passions flow, barriers fall, worlds collide, and ‘The Dragon’ rides!

The lust is back. The passion. The drive. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to articulate just how powerful these influences are…

I am completely at their mercy when they flow…I am utterly lost when they ebb…I sometimes wonder if I’d be better off if they never returned…and then just as strongly I pity those that lack them. How can they taste life?

Those drives…those desires…the wanderlust…the passion! All have returned stronger than ever.

Dare I set them completely free?

Live. Ride. See. Fly…

Are you ready?

Daniel Meyer

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