Bite Me Winter! Woot!

The predictions for this week are for temperatures in the 70’s and possibly 80’s, with breezes out of the south all week.

WoooHoooo! A break from the cold weather!

Just in anticipation of warmer weather I’ve been riding. I did a couple-hundred miles this weekend just doing errands (Garland to Richardson via Bonham and the like) and hunting up a cheap car for my nephew to drive while he’s in college.

Now that it’s actually gonna be warmer, I expect to be a bit hard to find (when I’m not confined to the dungeon at work that is). Gotta burn as much gas as possible…it’s been a cold winter and obviously we don’t have that global warming stuff kicked into high gear yet.

Y’all (that’s a Texas technical term) ride safe!

Daniel Meyer

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