Cause and Effect?

My asthma has been acting up lately. I’ve had it in a mostly minor form since childhood, but it rarely acts up.

I’ve been unable to kick it for about a month, and at it’s worst, albuterol is not doing much for me, OR lasting very long.

It’s never been clear what triggers it in me…I do know for certain that if it’s already bothering be, that carb heavy foods, and especially sugars, can make it much worse. But what’s the initial trigger?

Here’s one cause I suspect. I noticed that after a weekend, the asthma was quiet, but have noticed that mere minutes after arriving at work it would act up. Y’all might recall I work in a dungeon…

Recently, we had a water leak under a cabinet at the coffee bar in the basement at work. It soaked into the cabinets and pooled underneath. They fixed the leak, but there is a VERY strong odor of mold wafting from the cabinet every day. I work adjacent to those cabinets.

I peeked underneath and found brown and black mold happily making it’s home. Yuck. If this was my house, I’d tear out and replace the cabinets.

I asked maintenance to take care of it, and their response was to put another screw into the kick/slash board so we couldn’t see the mess underneath.

Meanwhile, the mold still reeks, and I can’t breathe….



Oh, and I must not forget the massive duststorm that socked in Dallas last Saturday…

I’m off to the doc to get something stronger…

Daniel Meyer

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