Wrench Day

Sunday was a “wrench day” for the Dallas/Fort Worth area Texas VRCC. These are always a good time. A bunch of us get togther, usually by meeting for breakfast or lunch or something, then we work on motorcycles. New or less mechanically inclined riders get a chance to learn something about how to work on their bike, with the added safety net of some experienced wrenches hanging around to keep them out of trouble.

Sunday was supposed to be rainy…which would have been perfect. One of the problems of maintaining a motorcycle in tip-top condition in this area is the fact that most every day is a “riding day”. Who can work on their machine if the weather’s perfect for riding?

We changed the oil in one bike, a front tire on another, an air filter on a third, etc…folks got to learn things, but mostly it’s a chance to grab a burger and tell some tales in a “less formal” setting than the montly meetings…or less structured than the rides.

One of our members (Hi Flyboy!) runs his own aircraft repair business, so generally our wrench-days are at his hanger. Life is just so cool when you’ve got an enormous garage!


Flyboys hanger

Unfortunately, I didn’t do any of the services I need on my machine. I just wasn’t willing to tear her apart in a strange garage…on such a nice day.

After the burgers and wrenching, I took off into the northeastern parts of the area. Said “hi” to family, and left some rubber on some familiar roads.

It was just the thing.

…maybe I’ll get to the service on my machine today after work…it’s supposed to be raining…

Daniel Meyer

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