(sniff sniff?) Ahhh. It must be time!

Oh yeah, I can smell it. Barbeque. Some of the best. Served up and consumed by some of the finest people one could ever meet.

It’s the Gathering Of The Fools. Essentially, the Saturday closest to April 1st, a bunch of us biker-types are invited to the Houston area where Hotglue and Flamingobabe open their home to us and put on the best barbeque of the year. Folks ride from all over the country to get here. Hundreds.

April 1st is a tough time of year to plan such a thing here. The weather is highly variable.

We’ve had rain, extreme heat, extreme cold, and everything in between…but still we come.

I’ve no idea what the weather will do today…and I haven’t even checked. See, it really doesn’t matter. There’s barbeque to be had.

I’ll see you on the road!

Daniel Meyer

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