Rooting Around in her Nether Regions…

Little bit of Valkyrie surgery today…

100,000 miles on this beastie. That, along with the 10,000 mile interval for several other services required me to pull her apart and root around in her nether regions.

Valkyrie Nether Regions


-Oil and filter change.
-Replace the spark plugs.
-Replace two bad vacuum lines (bad vacuum lines? What gives? I just replaced them…ur…75,000 miles ago…)
-Pull the rear wheel, lube the splines, inspect and lube the driveshaft.
-Remove three nails from the rear tire.

Ur…wait…what? Nails in the rear tire? That’s not a good place to keep nails!


Another nail

Yet another nail

Yet another view of yet another nail

For a change, I was lucky. None penetrated completely. They were just stuck in the tread. Wouldn’t have stayed that way for long.

That was today’s list. Sheesh!

Tomorrow, I tear apart the front end!

Daniel Meyer

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